Many stars of the K-pop industry have textured and interesting backgrounds that include eccentric skills, hobbies, and loves. While Eunseo is just as interesting as such stars, her abilities seem to coalesce around her chosen career. Eunseo is a matriculant of a highly acclaimed art school, music, and is proficient in at least four different instruments. She is very much beloved by her fans who have continued to support her in all her endeavors, such as her acting career, as she was dubious about her ability to excel in that industry.

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Early Life and Family

Eunseo was born as Son Mijeon on 27 May 1998, Incheon, South Korea. This makes her a Gemini, a fact of which she is exceedingly proud as it allows her to affect her aesthetic.

She is the youngest of three girls, and their names and those of her parents are unknown. She has shared that her family relocated to Bucheon when she was six years old.

She has always been a cheerful personality with a bright outlook on life – a fact that would later earn her the nickname ‘Sunlight Girl’. Her fans have observed that Eunseo was a natural beauty as a child, and had already developed a sense of style back then which has continued to stand her in good stead. She also legally changed her name to Son Juyeon during elementary school.


Eunseo has shown a lot of commitment to her academic career, and is one of the few stars of the K-Pop industry to have pursued tertiary education.

Eunseo attended Bumbuk Elementary School, and then Bucheon Ilsin Middle School. Eunseo also developed an understanding of Chinese, as her two older sisters had received their schooling in China, a skill which she would later develop further.

By the time she was 14 in 2011, Eunseo had secured a position as a trainee at Pledis Entertainment, a subsidiary of the larger Big Hit Entertainment. At the same time, Eunseo and her parents decided that she needed schooling more focused on the career she had already chosen to pursue, and she was enrolled into the Seoul School of Performing Arts – a prestigious institution which has produced some of the most famous names in the K-Pop industry.


She matricuated from Seoul School of Performing Arts on 7 February 2017, alongside other K-Pop celebrities such as Jungkook from BTS and Umji from GFRIEND. Naver X Dispatch also attended the event, along with the other members of Cosmic Girls, and had a photoshoot that produced magnificent photos to commemorate the event.  Eunseo then decided to attend Sungkyunkwon University, and shared that she also received her level three certificate for HSK (Proficiency in Chinese) during the 2020 COVID lockdown.



Eunseo started her training for life as a K-pop star when she was accepted as a trainee of Pledis Entertainment in 2011, a notable achievement as she was only 14 at the time.

The label has also been home to a variety of artists such as actress Nano, and K-Pop groups NU’EST and Seventeen. After she decided to leave the label, she was accepted into Starship Entertainment in 2013, where she trained for three years prior to her debut with Cosmic Girls. Starship has produced groups such as Monsta X and Cravity, as well as managing solo artists K. Will and Soyou.

Cosmic Girls/WJSN

Cosmic Girls was a project announced by Starship Entertainment – of which Eunseo was a trainee – and Yuehua Entertainment, a Chinese entertainment and production company. On 4 December 2015 they announced their intention to produce a twelve-member group, and then proceeded to introduce the members and their sub-groups over the subsequent months.

For practical reasons, the South Korean and Chinese members had been divided up and then broken down into smaller units.  Eunseo was in the second unit to be announced, Joy on 17 December 2015, along with two other Cosmic Girls members.

The group made their debut on the “M Countdown” stage on 25 February 2016, with their first extended play (EP), “Would You Like”. Soon afterwards, Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment announced their decision to add an additional member to the group. Eunseo was doing exceptionally well in the group, and was one of the lucky members given the opportunity to team up with Monsta X. The Cosmic Girls and Monsta X collaboration was called Y-teen, announced on 6 August 2016, and focused on both producing music and being CF models for KT’s phone fare.

The day after the Y-teen announcement, Cosmic Girls released their first EP as a group of 13, called “The Secret”, however, their first major success would only come the following year. After releasing their third EP, “From WJSN” on 4 January 2017, their first solo concerts followed. The concert – “Would You Like – Happy Moment” – ran from 19 to 20 May, and drew over 2000 fans to the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.

After the successful concert, the group released their first full album, “Happy Moment” on 7 June 2017. The album was their most successful venture yet, making it to number one on both the Hanteo’s Daily and Real-time charts.

Cosmic Girls has had an extremely prolific run with nine extended plays, 13 singles and promotional singles, and multiple collaborations with the likes of Starship Planet, Monsta X, and Mickey Mouse. They have also had the usual battery of themed variety and reality shows, such as “Would You Like Girls (My Cosmic Diary)” (2016), “Living Together in Empty Room” (2017), and “Watch WJSN” (also 2017).

The group has attained international recognition too, and has been the recipient of various awards and nominations. They won the “Rising Star Award” in 2017 at the Asian Artist Awards, “M2 Hot Star” in 2019 from Genie Music, and “New K-wave Music Icon Award” at the Soribada Awards in 2019. They were also nominated for four other titles at the Genie Awards in 2019, as well as for the “Disc Daesang Award” at the Golden Disc awards for their hit EP, “WJ Please”, which ranked three in South Korea and number 14 in the US.

Drama and Variety Shows

Despite telling her friends that she is reticent to becoming involved in the acting industry due to her ability in acting, Eunseo has since appeared in several dramas, in some cases as the lead actress. Her first appearance was as a guest in the 2017 episode three of “Chicago Typewriter”, and then appeared in the main role in the 2020 “Dalgona”, and “School 2020”.

In addition to the shows she has appeared in as part of Cosmic girls, Eunseo has also been in a vast array of variety shows since early in her career. She appeared in “Weekly Idol” in 2011 (the same year she was contracted by Pledis Entertainment), and “Vocal War: G-d’s Voice” (2016). She has also shown-off her athletic ability in sports-themed shows such as “SKY Muscle” in 2019, and in four seasons of “Idol Star Athletics Championships” in 2016, then 2018 to 2020, even winning a bronze in one season.

Personal Life

Eunseo has an intricate personality, but is very open about the fact that she can be sensitive and emotional. She explains that she often cries – whether it be due to sadness or anger – as it is her most effective emotional outlet. She is also multi-talented – although not capable of multi-tasking – and is considered one of the best cooks in the group. She can also play the piano, guitar, drums and tambourine. Her drinking habits are also a bit unusual, as she doesn’t drink coffee as it keeps awake, and she has a low alcohol tolerance level.

Eunseo has also had a long-standing grievance about her appearance, after a male fan pointed out that she looked like a soccer player named Zlatan, to the hilarity of the other fans present.

However, this reached a climax after a fan ignorant of this sensitivity, mentioned it to her at an event, prompting her to burst into tears and leave the room. He said afterward that “I did laugh a little, but it was because the situation was unbelievable. I was not intending to make fun of her. Anyway, I sincerely apologize for hurting Eunseo’s feelings. I wanted to apologize (right away) but I couldn’t interrupt the fan sign event. Everyone kept criticizing me, so I ran away to avoid the arrows of criticism. I’m sorry.”


Eunseo has a slim and fit figure – both a product of her intense training and athletic inclinations – and often has a sunny and upbeat disposition.

She has played with the usual array of K-pop hair colors – red, brown, grey, blondes, and more – and appears to be fond of sporting bangs or a fringe. She is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 110lbs (50kgs). She appears to have only a single piercing in each ear.

Net Worth and Salary

Eunseo is a hard-working individual who has committed her time both to her dream career as a K-pop star, but also to educating herself – which although she enjoys, is also a backup should things go awry. She received her income for her activities with Cosmic Girls and Y-teen as well as her other television ventures. She has a net worth estimated at over $100,000 as of late 2020.

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