Who is Changbin (Stray Kids)?

Seo Chang-bin was born in Yongin, South Korea on 11 August 1999 – his zodiac sign is Leo and he holds South Korean nationality. Changbin is a singer probably best known for being a member of the South Korean boy band Stray Kids.

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Childhood and parents

Changbin was raised alongside his older sister in Yongin by their father, who is the owner of a small grocery store and their mother who is working at the store. Once Changbin launched his career as a singer, his parents were very proud and stated they would have enrolled him in singing classes at a very early age if they had only known that their son was a genius.

Changbin attended Bora High School in Gyeonggi Province, at which he was physically very active as he played a variety of ball sports, which is why he today claims to be very good at soccer and basketball. He began singing when he was 15, and after matriculating in 2017, he decided not to pursue a college degree, but to focus on his career as a singer.

Singing and rapping career and his band Stray Kids

Changbin had already launched his career when in 2016 he signed a contract with JYP Entertainment, and became a member of the boy band 3RACHA, together with Bang Chan and Han – the boys released their debut extended play (EP) “J:/2017/mixtape” on 18 January 2017, and the seven songs of the EP could have been listened to on SoundCloud for free.

On 16 August, 3RACHA released their second EP “3Days” made up of nine songs, and it was around this time that the boys were contestants in the JYP Entertainment’s show “Stray Kids”. Although all three became members of this boy band, they continued to make music for 3RACHA, and their third EP “Horizon” came out on 20 December 2017 and counted eight songs. Their most recent song – “Carpe Diem” – was released on 18 January 2020.

Stray Kids debuted as a nine-boy band on 17 October 2017, with the release of their music video “Hellevator”, but and around the same time two boys – Felix and Lee Know – were let go from the band, but soon found themselves to be members of Stray Kids once again. Their debut extended play (EP) “Mixtape” came out on 8 January 2018, and reached #2 on the Gaon Album Chart as well as on Billboard’s World Albums Chart.

The group held their first concert, “Stray Kids Unveil (Op. 01: I Am Not)” on 25 March at Jangchung Arena in Jung District, Seoul and their EP “I Am Not” came out just a day later. They went on to perform at KCON Japan 2018 on 14 April, and two months later held their second concert “Stray Kids Unveil (Op. 02: I Am Who)” at Kyung Hee University, just a day before their EP “I Am Who” was released. Their third concert “Stray Kids Unveil (Op. 03: I Am You)” was held at Olympic Hall in Seoul on 21 October and a day later, their EP “I Am You” was released.

Stray Kids launched the first EP “Cle 1: Miroh” of their “Cle” series on 5 March 2019 and the EP’s lead single “Miroh” won the boys their first award.

The second EP in the series “Cle 2: Yellow Wood” came out on 19 June, between the boys’ European and American tours. They announced that their new EP “Cle: Levanter” would be out on 25 November, but due to Woojin unexpectedly leaving the band on 28 October, the release was postponed and eventually came out on 9 December.

Stray Kids started working on their Mixtape Project in October 2019 and its first single “Mixtape : Gone Days” was released on 26 December 2019 and was well-received by their fans. They started singing songs in English in January 2020, with versions of their singles “Double Knot” and “Levanter”, and on 18 March 2020 the boys made their Japanese debut with their album “SKZ2020”.


Their second Mixtape song entitled “Mixtape : On Track” came out on 26 March 2020, and in June 2020 they created the song “Top” in Japanese as the theme song for the animated series “Kami no To-Tower of God-“. The song became very popular, and both a South Korean and an English version came out on 20 May.

Stray Kids’ debut full-length studio album was released on 17 June 2020 entitled “Go Live” – some of the songs featured on it are “God’s Menu”, “Gone Days” and “On Track”.

Love life and girlfriend

The members of the boy band Stray Kids aren’t allowed to have girlfriends, and if they do find one they would have to keep the relationship a secret, or otherwise they could be removed from the band.

Changbin doesn’t appear to be romantically linked to any girl (or any boy – he hasn’t talked about his sexual orientation) and it is widely believed that he hasn’t so far been in a relationship, not even a short-term one. However, he has talked about his ideal type of a girl, that she would have to be funny because he considers himself funny, and that if the two could laugh at the same jokes it’s then that he would know for sure that she is the girl for him.

Changbin is currently single, and is (apparently) waiting for the perfect girl to start a relationship with.

Interests and hobbies

Some of Changbin’s nicknames are ‘Jingjingie’, ‘Binnie’ and ‘Mogi’. He is physically very active, and enjoys being outdoors and playing sports rather than staying at home and doing nothing; he believes that what is most attractive about him is his cheerfulness and his readiness for doing things. He likes to go for a run, and is said to be the fastest boy in Stray Kids. He is in love with rainbows and its colors, and his favorite season is autumn, mostly because of the colors of the leaves and because of its mild climate. Changbin likes to go shopping for clothes and usually chooses dark colors. He is a collector of random things.

His favorite movie genre is horror. He enjoys listening to American music, especially rap, and Kenrick Lamar is his favorite performer. He can eat nearly anything but his favorite meal is chicken breast with French fries. Changbin’s motto is ‘Let’s live with a positive mind, enjoy the life’.

Age, height and net worth

Changbin’s age is 20. He has brown hair which he often dyes blue, and his eyes are brown. His height is 5ft 6ins (1.67m). Stray Kids boys have a net worth of $1.4 million as of July 2020, and that makes Changbin’s part around $175,000.

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