Dowoon is a South Korean drummer, who rose to prominence when he joined the five-member Korean rock band Day6, under JYP Entertainment.

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Early Life and Family

Dowoon was born Yoon Do Woon on 25 August 2005, in Busan, South Korea. As practiced in Korea, to westerners his last name is Yoon and his first name is Do Woon, which can be written separately or hyphenated depending on the family’s preference. He has an older sister named Sang Hee, who works as a teacher. His parents are both quite supportive of his chosen career.

Educational Background

He attended Changwon Sangnam Middle School, and matriculated from Peniel High School of the Arts, then graduated from Busan Arts College with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Music.


Day6, a South Korean rock band formed by JYP Entertainment, was previously called 5LIVE – five members – namely Sungjin (leader, bassist, and vocals), Jae (guitarist and vocals), Young K (bassist and vocals), Wonpil (synths and vocals), and Junhyeok (keyboard). In 2014, JYP Entertainment started promoting them by having them appear as guests in a reality talent survival series, but without formally debuting them. They had even released an original soundtrack for a TV series, “Bel Ami,” a year before that.

First Steps – Audition and Training

In 2015, one of Dowoon’s assistant professors at Busan Arts College learned about JYP’s open audition event happening in their city, and that the talent agency was particularly looking for drummers, so advised him to participate.

JYP Entertainment is responsible for making several K-Pop artists successful, including Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, and Twice. It took a lot of courage for Dowoon to join the audition, as he recalled in one interview that there was practically no one in Busan who took him under their care when he was learning to play the instrument, so he continuously doubted his drumming skills.

When he passed the audition, he immediately moved to Seoul to start his training with JYP Entertainment. It took him only a few months of training before the talent agency decided in September of 2015 to officially include him in the 5LIVE band, and so at the same time changed the band’s name to Day6.

Debut and First EP

Day6 debuted on 7 September 2015 by releasing an extended play (EP) entitled “The Day”, with the lead single, “Congratulations.”


A week after it was released, the EP peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard World Album Chart, and No. 12 on South Korea’s Gaon Monthly Album Chart. However, the group’s fandom, named My Day, was surprised that Dowoon and the boys didn’t perform in weekly TV music shows, as most K-Pop groups and bands do when debuting.

Apparently, JYP Entertainment thought it best to avoid the usual promotional activities of K-Pop artists, to make a distinction to the kind of group Day6 represents. Since they don’t have dance choreography in their songs, the talent agency opted for the group to perform in live events and radio shows only. They also released a music video (MV) that visually represented the mocking bitter lyrics of the song and its message, which is congratulating the ex-girlfriend for breaking his heart.

The MV garnered around 31 million views, which indicated that they had already accumulated a steady following.

First Concert Locally and Internationally

After the strong debut of the band, in October they had a live showcase held in Taiwan, then JYP Entertainment greenlighted the two-day concert entitled “D-Day,” which was held at YES24 MUV Hall in Seoul in November, followed by a fan meeting organized in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore before the year ended.

A Dating Scandal, Day6 Officially Became a quintet

In the South Korean entertainment industry, artists rarely talk about their personal lives, and it’s certainly taboo for them to talk about dating. Artists are usually forbidden to date for the first three to five years after their debut, to avoid any distraction, and this “no dating” policy is included in the talent management contracts.

It is also interesting to note that South Korean fans are extremely possessive of their favorite artists.

Junhyeok was rumored to have been dating a fan. Normally, talent agencies would deny such rumors, whether it is true or not, and just engage in damage control. However, the rumors escalated because the fan posted Day6’s schedule of activities before any announcement was made by the agency. The majority of the group’s fans were intrigued, and at the same time enraged. JYP Entertainment didn’t address these allegations, but in February 2016 they announced that for personal reasons that Junhyeok would no longer be a member of the band and that his contract with them was terminated; Day6 officially became a 5-member group from then on.

Second EP and Official Stage Debut in Music Shows

A month after the group was reorganized, another EP was released entitled “Daydream”, with six songs.

The lead track, “Letting Go” (Noha Noha Noha), was performed on the group’s official stage debut on Mnet’s weekly TV music show, “M Countdown,” on 30 March 2016. While their original strategy was to veer away from the usual promotional path that most K-Pop groups follow when promoting songs, they decided to take advantage of the kind of exposure that TV shows give to new artists.

It was followed by a two-day concert in Seoul entitled “Dream”, and then another sold-out concert at the Thunder Dome in Bangkok, Thailand.

Further Success: “Every Day6 Project” in 2017 – Two Full-Length Albums

Dowoon and the boys were put under a lot of pressure when JYP Entertainment announced that the band would release two songs that they co-wrote every month for the whole year of 2017, and called it “Every Day6 Project.”


The ten songs that were released from January to May, including the monthly lead singles, “I Wait,” “How Can I Say,” I’m Serious,” and “Dance Dance,” were compiled and released together for the group’s first full-length album entitled, “Sunrise.” The album also included a new version of their debut song, “Congratulations,” along with “Letting Go” from their second EP. The album charted well, peaking at No. 4 on Gaon Album Chart, and No. 6 on the Billboard World Album Chart in the US.

By December, another full-length album entitled “Moonrise” came out, including all the monthly songs that were released from July to December, and they added new versions of some of the songs from the group’s debut EP, “The Day.” The album peaked at No. 2 on Gaon Album Chart.

Because of the success of their albums, a meet‑and‑greet tour entitled “Day6 Live & Meet” was held in four key cities in the US, and Toronto in Canada.

First World Tour, Japanese Promotions and Two EPs in 2018

Dowoon and the boys were emotional when they thanked their parents and loved ones during their “The Best Moments” concert that was held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul for two nights in March 2018.

The group was then promoted in Japan, by the release of a Japanese single entitled “Stop the Rain.” They also released a greatest hits album, “The Best Day,” which included Japanese and English versions of some of their hit songs. Their Japanese promotions culminated with a “Day6 Live in Japan” concert, held in Tokyo.

Since they were now adept in songwriting, two more EPs were released, which they called the “Youth” series. The first – “Shoot Me: Youth Part 1” – has 6 songs and one instrumental, while the second – “Remember Us: Youth Part 2” – has seven songs and one instrumental. Both charted well in the local and Billboard charts, the first peaking at No. 3 locally and No. 6 internationally, while the second also charted at No. 3 locally, and No. 10 internationally.

The song, “Days Gone By,” even peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart.

Record sales of their albums continued to increase, and Day6 experienced its 1st world tour from June 2018 up to June 2019, with Dowoon and the boys performing in 24 major cities in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

2019-2020 Second World Tour and Three New Eps

Just as in the previous year, Day6 kept on writing new songs, and was able to release three new EPs which they called “The Book of Us” series. The first two in 2019 were entitled “The Book of Us: Gravity,” which peaked at No. 9 on the Gaon Album Chart and No. 9 on the Billboard World Album Chart, and “The Book of Us: Entropy,” which charted at No. 4 on the Gaon Album Chart and No. 10 on the Billboard World Album Chart. Incidentally, Day6 was able to get their first weekly music show win, which is regarded as a significant K-Pop milestone, courtesy of the song, “Time of Our Life.”

This 2020, JYP Entertainment announced that the group would be on a temporary hiatus due to the physical and mental stress they had been suffering for working continuously these past few years, but the group still pushed through with the release of another EP, “The Book of Us: The Demon,” in May. The songs in the EP charted well, and the title track even debuted at No. 1 in some local charts.

Personal Life

There is not much information about Dowoon’s personal life. Even if he is no longer forbidden to date anyone as this is his fifth year in the business, there has been no news of him going on a date. He has been quite busy since his debut, releasing songs and performing around the world.

He still lives with the band in a dormitory provided by JYP Entertainment and located in Seoul, but he now has his own room.

Hobbies, favorite things, and interesting facts

  • Dowoon used to share a room with Jae, Young K, and Junhyeok, who left the band in 2016.
  • He has the fewest singing lines in the group’s discography, as he had the shortest time spent in vocal training, just four months before he debuted; he is currently taking vocal lessons.
  • At age 16, he could play the drums comfortably.
  • He has a serious face-cleansing routine, with the use of a foam cleanser, soap, and moisturizing oil.
  • Jazz is his favorite music genre, and “My Name is Khan” is his favorite movie.
  • He doesn’t like sharing his bed with his band members, and gets annoyed easily when Wonpil would try to do just that.
  • He is quite attracted to tall girls with long hair, sexy with a pretty smile.
  • Dowoon is regarded as an A+ student in his English classes.
  • He likes to eat meat, and his favorite ice cream is green tea.
  • Expect his ears to turn red whenever he is embarrassed or shy.


Dowoon is 5ft 10.5in (1.78m) tall, weighs 132lbs (60kg), and has a lean build with ripped six-pack abs. He is Asian with black hair and black eyes. Expect to see him with a different hair color during K-Pop promotional activitie,s but will always revert to his natural color afterward. He has a tattoo, “Vita Dolce…” somewhere down his collar bone near his upper left chest.

Net worth

Day6 has been consistently selling records, and so sources estimate Dowoon’s net worth to be over $2 million, as of August 2020.

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