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What happened to Huening Kai from TXT?

Kai Kamal Huening (Huening Kai) was born in Honolulu, Hawaii USA, on 14 August 2002 – his zodiac sign is Leo while his Chinese zodiac sign is Water Horse. His South Korean name is Jung Kai and two of his main nicknames are NingNing and Hyuka. He is a singer and a rapper perhaps best known for being a member of the boy band TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT).

Sister and dad

Kai was raised in the US alongside his younger sister Bahiye, and his older sister Lea – who is also a musician and a member of the K-pop band VIVA – by their German father, who is a musician, and is still popular for his album “Virtues in Us” which was released in 2007 in English and Chinese language, and their South Korean mother who is a housewife.

Sometime in the first half of the 2010s, Kai’s parents divorced, which wasn’t easy for him as he was attached to both his mother and father; his dad went on to marry Anne Caroline in 2016.

Kai started learning languages at a very early age, as his family often moved and he spent 12 years living in China – today, Kai can speak English, Korean, Portuguese and Mandarin. He attended Youngmun Middle School in Yangpyeong County, South Korea before progressing to Lila Art High School in Seoul, South Korea, while he also practiced his singing and dancing skills at Hanlim Multi Art School. He’s just matriculated in 2020, but it isn’t known whether he will focus on his singing career, or enroll at a college and pursue a degree.

Career as a singer and the band TXT

Kai began singing while attending high school, and was signed to Big Hit Entertainment where he began practicing singing and performing on stage with his colleagues from TXT. On 15 January 2019, Kai was the third member of the TXT to be announced.

The boy band TXT debuted on 4 March 2019, with the release of their extended play “EP The Dream Chapter: Star” – it was revealed that their members were going to be Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Kai; It was the first boy band to be created by Big Hit Entertainment in six years.

The band became famous after the release of their debut music video “Crown”, which was seen over 14 million times on YouTube in only 24 hours after it was uploaded. The band’s EP topped multiple charts, including the Billboard Emerging Artists, and they went on to appear in their first music show on 7 March 2019, when they were invited to sing at “M Champion”.

Following their success, the band announced on 9 April 2019 that they would be touring around the US, visiting cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles among others – the tour lasted from 9 to 24 May; tickets for all their shows during the tour were sold out in less than a day.

They began singing songs in Japanese, and on 20 June announced that they were invited to perform at two Japanese fashion festivals – Tokyo Girls Collection’s Autumn/Winter 2019 and Kansai Collection’s Autumn/Winter 2019. They sang at KCON 2019 NY on 6 July 2019, and were later nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best K-pop. TXT’s debut full-length album “The Dream Chapter: Magic” came out on 21 October 2019, with “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” serving as the album’s lead single.

Huening Kai

It sold 125,000 copies in a week after its release, and topped the Gaon Album Chart while it reached #3 on the Billboard World Album Chart, and #6 on Heatseeker Album Chart. Their albums and songs were nominated for over 20 awards and winning several, including a Rookie Award at Soribada Best K-Music Awards and a Global Rookie Top 5 Award at V Live Awards.

They released their first Japanese song “Magic Hour” on 15 January 2020, topping the Oricon daily chart, and the band was then invited to guest star in the Japanese TV show “Music Station”. Most recently on 18 May 2020, the band released their second extended play “The Dream Chapter: Eternity”, with their song “Can’t You See Me” being the EP’s lead.

Love life and girlfriend

Kai is one of the most secretive members of the band TXT, as he hasn’t talked about the girls he might have dated – or if he is dating someone at the moment – unlike his colleague Soobin, who has admitted that he has found someone with whom he believes he could spend the rest of his life. However, many of Kai’s fans believe he might be gay, because he stated during one of his interviews that he would most likely date Soobin if he was a girl. He hasn’t addressed the rumors regarding his sexuality, neither have the three other band members talked about whether they are currently seeing anyone.

Some of Kai’s fans have claimed that he was once in a relationship with his high school sweetheart, and that they dated until their high school days were over.

What does Kai do in his spare time?

Kai likes to taste various cuisines, but prefers to eat fruits and vegetables over meat, and his favorite fruit is pineapple, while some of his favorite foods are bread, seafood and pizza. He has been interested in learning how to play various instruments since the age of six, and started with the piano which he today knows how to play nearly perfectly, while he is also good at playing the drums, guitar and the flute. He likes to listen to American pop music, and his favorite performer is Bruno Mars. Kai is a huge lover of animals, with otters and penguins being his favorites.

He likes to watch movies in his spare time, and although he’s apparently easily scared, he often watches horror films. He is a fan of romantic comedies, and his favorite movie is “Begin Again”, which follows a musician who, after splitting from her singer boyfriend, meets a music-business executive, who helps her launch her career.

His net worth

The band TXT’s net worth is estimated at around $665,000 as of July 2020, making Kai’s part around $133,000. His age is 17, his hair and eye color is brown, and he is around 6ft (1.83m) tall.

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