Who is Kim Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher)?

Kim Yoo-hyeon was born in Incheon, South Korea, on 7 January 1997 – her zodiac sign is Capricorn and she holds South Korean nationality. She is a singer, best known for being a member of the girl group Dreamcatcher, previously named MINX.

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Early life, family and education

Kim was raised alongside her younger brother by their father who is working at an insurance agency, and their mother who is a nurse at a local hospital. Kim became interested in music at the age of five, when watching K-pop groups perform on TV with her mother.

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Only a year later, her mother enrolled her at a school of the performing arts at which Kim worked on her singing skills, while she also practiced dancing and acting. She continued singing throughout elementary school, and upon enrolling at a high school in Incheon, she also started playing sports such as soccer and tennis among others. Kim matriculated in 2015, and didn’t to pursue a college degree but went to work on her career as a K-pop singer.

Career as a singer and the band Dreamcatcher

The band MINX was created by Happy Face Entertainment in 2014, and was made up of Kim and six other girls: Dami, Gahyeon, Siyeon, Handong, Sua and Jiu.

The girls performed for the first time on 9 August 2014 at the Oak Valley Summertime Festival, singing their original tracks “Why Did You Come To My Home” and “Action”. The former was released as a digital single on 18 September, and on the same day, the girls performed in the reality TV show “M Countdown”. Their debut extended play (EP) called “Love Shake” was released in July 2015, with the eponymous song as its lead single.

It was announced by Happy Face Entertainment in November 2016 that the group would be renamed to Dreamcatcher, and made up of five MINX members – Kim, Dami, Sua, Siyeon and Jiu – and two new girls, Gahyeon and Handong.

Kim Yoohyeon

On 13 January 2017, their debut single album came out entitled “Nightmare”, while the song “Chase Me” served as its lead single – Dreamcatcher performed for the first time in the show “M Countdown” on 19 January. Their second single album came out on 5 April entitled “Fall Asleep in the Mirror” with the song “Good Night” as its lead single while Dreamcatcher’s debut EP came out on 27 July called “Prequel”, made up of six songs including the lead song “Fly High”, and reaching #5 on the Billboard Albums Chart, while it topped the iTunes K-Pop Top 100 Chart.

The girls’ first tour around the world was announced on 1 August, while they began competing in the reality show “Mix Nine” on 3 October, however, because some of the girls had to perform in Brazil, Kim, Dami, Siyeon and Jiu left the show on 10 December 2017. Happy Face Entertainment announced in December 2017 that the girls would hold their first fan meeting on 13 January 2018, and that they would go on their European tour in February – tickets for the fan meeting were apparently sold out in less than a minute.

To celebrate one year of the band’s existence, Dreamcatcher released their digital song “Full Moon” on 12 January 2018, which reached #16 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, and just a day later, their fan meeting was held at Sogang University’s Mary Hall Grand Theatre.

They started their European tour on 14 February in London, England, then two days later the girls sang in Lisbon, Portugal, and on 18 February performed in Madrid, Spain. Dreamcatcher also sang in Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw, before they completed their tour with a performance in Paris, France on 25 February.

Their second EP, “Escape the Era” was released on 19 May, made up of six songs with “You and I” as the lead single. It topped China’s Yinyuetai, and peaked at #3 on Gaon Album Chart. On 27 July, the girls started their “Welcome to the Dream World in Latina America” tour, which ended on 5 August when they performed in Panama City. They released their third EP on 20 September  entitled “Alone in the City”, and on 21 November their debut Japanese single “What” under Pony Canyon agency came out.

Dreamcatcher started the year 2019 with the release on 13 February of their fourth EP – “The  End of Nightmare” – with the song “PIRI” as the lead single, and on the same day, their agency Happy Face Entertainment announced that it was renaming itself to DreamCatcher Company. The girls started their Asian tour, “Invitation from Nightmare City” in March, and ended it in May, then performed in several Australian cities in July. Dreamcatcher released their debut full-length Japanese album “The Beginning of The End” on 11 September, and seven days later their comeback album “Raid of Dream” came out. Throughout October and November, the girls performed in seven European cities, then in five US cities in December.

On 18 February 2020, Dreamcatcher released their debut Korean studio album “Dystopia: The Tree of Language”.

On 11 March, their third Japanese single “Endless Night” came out, then because of the outbreak of the coronavirus, the girls decided to hold several online concerts, including the “Global Streaming Into The Night & Dystopia” at midnight on 4 July. Their fifth and latest EP “Dystopia: Lose Myself” was released on 17 August 2020.

Love life and boyfriend

Kim hasn’t talked about any boys she might have dated in the past, and it is widely believed that she won’t be talking about any, as South Korean agencies don’t allow their rookie artists to be dating because of how it might affect the groups’ popularity. However, there are rumors circulating the internet that Kim has a crush on English singer Harry Styles, and that she would date him if she would only be given the opportunity.

There is another rumor circulating the internet claiming that Kim was once in a long term relationship with a boy who attended the same high school as she, and that the two were dating for nearly two years before Kim broke up with him because of the launch of her singing career – Kim hasn’t commented on this.

As of July 2020, Kim is single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Kim likes to learn languages and apart from Korean is fluent in English while she also knows some Japanese, and is currently learning to speak Mandarin and German. She knows how to play several instruments, with guitar being her favorite.

She is keen on playing video games while she received her first console as a gift from her father when she was 11 years old – it was PlayStation 2 while she is today mostly playing games on PlayStation 4.

Kim loves to watch animated series and movies and her favorite animated series is “The Simpsons” which she watches nearly every night before she goes to sleep. She likes to listen to American singers, but her favorite is Harry Styles.

Kim is suffering from nearsightedness (myopia) which makes it hard for her to clearly see objects that are further away from her, and she is also suffering from astigmatism which is the cause of her blurry and distorted vision.

Age and height

Kim’s age is 23. She has long brown hair which she usually dyes blonde, and her eyes are brown. She weighs around 108lbs (49kgs) and her height is 5ft 7ins (1.71m).

As of July 2020, Kim’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million.

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